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At Be Styled UK we believe everyone has the right to look their very best and our team have the experience to help you do just that! We have an array of services that will compliment your every styling requirement from grooming and make-up, to wardrobe consultations and a personal shopping or concierge experience.


Our specialists are equipped to help you to understand what epitomizes style and moreover they can style you with work, an event, high fashion or your personal style in mind – with any budget.




Our personal styling team is comprised of experienced stylists, image consultants and personal shoppers who deal with the needs of people and corporate clientele on a daily basis. Our stylists have developed their skills from the quarters of the most famous and influential department stores in Central London, bespoke tailors, luxury brands and working in a corporate environment.


They understand what epitomizes style and moreover they can style you with business, high fashion and your personal style in mind with any budget.

We understand what it means to excel in business and this goes beyond clothes; personal grooming, confidence and knowledge are also key requirements. We cannot offer you knowledge in your field but we can show you how to appear confident, develop your own personal brand and show you the grooming practices of the best.


We are approved stylists for Westfield W12

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Master finding the right nude lip tone!

The Autumn/Winter season is fast approaching and we all know bold lipstick colours will be back in again as they emphasize the thickness of your lips, and are a beauty staple. But sometimes wearing a nude lip tone can be a better suited option depending on the make-up look or outfit you’re wearing.


Within modern society nude is considered a ‘pinkish-beige’ colour defined for lighter skin tones. It is a classic beauty look but it is important to get the shade right! It isn’t easy, but there is a right way to find the perfect shade that’ll redefine the nude concept.


Nude lips have come a long way as there are so many more colours and textures to choose from with a range of shades from the classic peach-based tones to chocolate-based tones.

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Be Styled UK and Dior join forces for the Ultimate Makeup Masterclass!

Be Styled UK and global super-brand Dior are hosting the ultimate makeup masterclass experience.


This exciting evening will be led by Dior’s international pro Artist James Coobes at The Fashion Lounge in Westfield London, one of our proud sponsors, on Thursday 24thSeptember 2015. 


You will learn tips and techniques from an expert, allowing you to leave this masterclass with the confidence to recreate professional makeup looks at home.


At Be Styled UK we believe that first impressions are lasting, so whether you wish to update or explore makeup ideas for work or job interviews - this masterclass is for you. Come along and discover the 'perfect makeup for that perfect corporate look’.

This masterclass will cover everything you need to know about makeup including; application techniques, skin types and how to create a flawless complexion. From perfecting those popular ‘catwalk eyes’ to creating those sought-after ‘runway lips’, you will be taught it all.

All attendees will be supplied with brushes and Dior makeup to get involved in the makeup masterclass fun!

Date: Thursday 24th September 2015

Location: Westfield London

Time: 18:00pm-20:00pm

Price:£35 per person

To book please call: 02086679519 or



By Corinna Bramble-Gallazzi,

Intern at The Be Group

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AW15 Work Styles

AW15 Work Styles: Employability

A fashion faux pas could cost you your job. What you wear says a lot about character, and will predominantly play a vital role in the outcome of your interview. We all know interviews are never simple but the way you dress commands a presence, meaning you are more likely to be taken seriously in an interview.

Employers instantly form an impression that’ll last during the interview and even after. This opinion will predominantly be based on your demeanour and appearance when they meet you. Presenting yourself in a particular way is for you to meet the employer’s expectations.

Furthermore, knowing what to wear to an interview is essential as fashions come and go but style remains for both formal and informal interviews.

Here are categorized AW15 suggestions on what one could wear to stay dressed to impress potential employers:


Tailored for the job you’re interviewing for I.e. Going above and beyond what you would normally consider suitable for work.


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Day in the Life of a Stylist! by Marika 

MOTHERS DAY – It’s never too late to spoil your Mum.


Personal Shopping with me is a unique experience, a memory she'll cherish and share with you forever.  


Mum’s are so busy some tell me they only go shopping once or twice a year.  They don’t have time to continually go shopping, or go through the hassle and disappointment of returning items purchased online.  Sometimes a Mother may only have time to buy an item of clothing as they are rushing past a store, whilst running an errand.  So clothing is collected in a hurry and without a plan.  This means ending up with plenty of items but ‘nothing to wear’, as often they can't be mixed and matched.  Mum’s really benefit from the targeted approach during the Personal Shopping session we have together, and the freedom that comes with spending less time and energy shopping, having learned expert styling tips during a standard 3-hour session.


I'm often taken aback by how much mothers sacrifice for their families.  They will say things like, "I only tend to buy in sale times - I like a bargain if it's only for me!".  Rather than booking Personal Shopping with me for themselves, they will book for their son or daughter, as a present for getting into uni, or celebrating their first job.  


When Mothers do finally come to me, often they've reached a point where all this sacrifice has come to a head.  It's in the spirit of creating balance in their lives, realising the importance of doing something for themselves.   


"I have lost myself a bit since becoming a mum and don’t really make an effort, just wear ‘comfy’ stuff.  I want to start looking nice and feeling nice."  


Other times it's their lovely children or husbands who book Personal Shopping with me as a special Christmas, Birthday, or Mother's Day gift.  When Mum is not looking, their husbands often tell me to encourage her not to worry how much she spends!  They just want to treat her to looking and feeling fantastic, and give her the VIP treatment for the day.


"I want my husband to feel proud that I am his wife and I want to feel proud to be me." 


Personal Shopping is timely especially after a mum has gained or lost weight, perhaps after working hard at the gym, having a baby, or after illness.  During the session I impart many styling tips and tricks, to help her look slimmer, taller, or create more curves, depending on her needs.  I recommend wardrobe staples which are flattering for her body shape, which can be mixed and matched.  She'll feel empowered knowing the clothes suit her body perfectly - and feeling great leads to staying motivated to continue her exercise plan for achieving the figure she wants.


"I would love to know what suits me and how to put an outfit together. I sometimes have a good day shopping, come home with a few things and realise that nothing goes with anything I have, so I take it all back!"


Mum’s usually also ask me how to wear the trends and still be age-appropriate, which is completely achievable (I believe there's no such thing as 'too old!').  They also want me to recommend comfortable clothes which can be smartened up.  This is needed for busy mums who do so much running around, and don't wish to purchase two separate wardrobes of day and evening clothes.  A Personal Shopping session can save them money from having to do so.  


"I would like to re-invigorate my wardrobe, perhaps giving me a new outlook to what I chose or confidence that my selections are suited to me."


Often we stick to the same styles and colours, so usually mums are excited to try something new, and to revamp their image!  The experience is an exciting process for all, during which family members can keep mum company with the option to relax in the privacy of a luxury personal styling suite.  A far cry from the usual nightmarish experience of Oxford Circus, public crowds and long change-room queues!  



It brings me so much joy seeing how much Mum’s appreciate the experience, and enhanced well-being of wearing their most flattering clothes, and more confidence they look their best.

By Marika (Senior Stylist)





Day in the life of a Stylist!     by Marika

Who: Lorna B.

What: Wardrobe Consultation

Where: Luton

One of my favourite Personal Styling services is the Wardrobe Consultation.   I love seeing people experience such excitement at the end, unable to contain their surprise when they discover - with expert planning (and a few clever styling techniques) - it’s just like getting a new wardrobe.  Without the price tag.

On 23rd January 2015, I travelled to Luton to meet Lorna B.  On the way to her house Lorna told me she was making many positive changes in her life, including diet and exercise, hair and beauty therapies.  This was to prepare for an exciting promotion at work, and she wanted her new image to better reflect her position in life.  

It was hard not to let Lorna’s positivity and enthusiasm for life rub off a little!  I felt like I was sharing a special moment, as she was about to enter an exciting new phase in her life.  I wanted to do my best to help her, as I knew her winning attitude would bring much success. 

It seemed that on a career and personal front things were going extremely well, and Lorna told me that she wanted her styling to reflect how good she felt, as her current style was letting her down.  I asked Lorna what she wanted to achieve from the session.  She told me she was a ‘bit of a tomboy’ and wanted a more feminine look for the office, which also had to be smart and comfortable.  

Like most of us, Lorna’s busy lifestyle left little time to think about wardrobe planning.  In her spare moments she’d shop online.  When I saw Lorna’s wardrobe I noticed she had many clothes which were excellent for her body shape.  Where Lorna really needed help was in putting outfits together, mixing better combinations of what she already owned.  So for our three-hour session it was decided I’d set about to create a new workwear capsule to carry her through the week, and an evening look for her upcoming work event.

During the session I taught Lorna a few styling techniques to flatter and enhance her body shape, to look more feminine but formal enough for the workplace.  I sorted through her wardrobe, even her storage room retrieving items from zip lock bags she forgot existed - ignoring warnings that ‘there’s nothing there’!  We worked really hard (a couple of coffee breaks served us well), all the while having fun of course, and I completely enjoyed the company of Lorna’s down to earth bubbly personality.  After Lorna’s patience in trying on several new looks our efforts were rewarded.  Just enough time was left for me to re-organise her wardrobe, hanging her six new outfits in order for easy access - saving Lorna time in the morning.  Lorna also made a list of additional garments I suggested which could be purchased in order to create additional looks to maximise her wardrobe.

Lorna actually said she felt my services paid for themselves, as she no longer felt she needed to buy nearly as many new clothes as she thought.  I never tire from hearing this, a huge compliment which makes my job worthwhile.

Lorna’s ambition is an inspiration, and I am proud to have been part of her journey as she moves towards more success and happiness (all the way in style of course!).


By Marika (Senior Stylist)


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